Chef Items

Items chef and others should own

pexels-photo-279648Every chef, professional or not, should have a cast iron skillet. A cast iron skillet is strong and sturdy; it can withstand high temperatures and grills wonderful steaks, bakes delicious biscuits and because this skillet retains seasoning, the pan gives off a wonderful flavor, time after time. Best of all, a cast iron skillet lasts a long, long time. No kitchen of any quality should be without a premium knife set and sharpener. To create delicious meals you must have a knife that cuts food according to its texture and delicacy. For example, herbs that are cut with a sharp knife will retain their flavor and appearance and not wilt. In addition, sharp knives also prepare food in less time.

Any professional and efficient kitchen needs a Dutch oven pot. They are versatile, large and are perfect when making roasts, stews and soups. Le Creuset is one of the best. They are a powerhouse of sturdiness and come with a lifetime guarantee. Stand mixers are another “must have.” A stand mixer is a “hands-free” mixer; it gives solid power, fast results and less mess in the kitchen. If you add more attachments, you can juice fresh fruit and veggies, pasta from scratch and make ice cream.