Pest Control in Phoenix

If you suspect that pests have entered your house it is time to call a pest control specialist. Rodents such as rats and mice can enter your house through an opening no larger than a quarter of an inch. Once they invade your house they will make a series of tunnels in your walls and floors. They can also create tunnels in your ceiling. Once rodents enter your house it is very difficult to evict them. DIY methods to eliminate the pest will never completely eradicate the rodents from your home. DIY methods are only effective to identify the type of pest that has entered your house. Phoenix pest control is the expert to contact when your house has been invaded by rodents. Rodents breed and multiply at a rapid pace. A female rat usually comes into heat every five to seven days. Two rodents and their offspring can produce several thousand rodents in one year. Eliminating the problem in the early stage is the best way to keep your house free of rodents. Rodents are not only a nuisance, they are also a health risk. Mice carry the Hantavirus which is a serious respiratory virus that can be fatal.

Phoenix bed bugs are another common pest problem. The bedbugs can enter your houBed-Bug-Dogse without ever suspecting there is a problem. One they enter your house they will make your couch, bed and carpet their new home. A DIY effort to eradicate the bed bugs is never a good solution. To eliminate the bed bugs you will need the help of a professional. Phoenix pest control specialists use specially trained dogs that are able to detect bed bugs in your house. A professional exterminator will seal the house and use high heat to completely eliminate the problem. This is the only process that completely eliminates the bed bugs. A professional exterminator is necessary to complete the process, totally eradicating bed bugs from your home.

Immediately call a professional exterminator if pests have entered your house. You will save money by contacting a professional exterminator at the first sign of a pest problem. Many pest exterminators in Phoenix will give you a free estimate on the cost involved to eliminate the pests. Doesn’t delay, call today and make your house pest free and safe for your family.