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food-salad-healthy-vegetablesOwning and operating a restaurant can be a daunting experience; however, it can also be a rewarding and profitable one. To successfully run a restaurant there are several kitchen accessories you must have such as a Cook’s dry measure. Some of the best dry measures have detailed markings on them that allow you to easily measure all kinds of ingredients like rice, milk and flour.

Another “must have” is the Alessi Blip Spoon Rest. Ladles and spoons constantly need a place to rest on the kitchen counter. Often, when in a hurry, some use the counter or plate to rest their kitchen utensils but this is messy, unclean and could spoil your food. This spoon rest holds all sizes of spoons and ladles and can fit any size kitchen because of its small size.

Then, there is the Microplane 34006 4- sided box grater. This grater is unique because it is very sharp. This grader makes for efficient slicing on all kinds of foods but beware, they are sharp. Blades in the package include fine, medium, extra coarse and a slicer. The panels slide out to make the cleaning process go faster and easier.

Because lemons and limes are constantly used in the kitchen to add flavor to meals, most chefs need a Chef’N Freshforce Citrus Juicer—Lemon. Lemons and limes are used in lemonades, cookies, salads and cleaning up the kitchen. This kitchen product will make the squeezing process simple and unlike some juicers, this product collects all the pulp.

pexels-photo-211760What would a kitchen be without a spatula? Check out the #10 Le Creuset Revolution Silicone Spatula Spoon Cherry. This spoon cherry spatula is something you must have for your restaurant. The silicone in this product is resistant to heat and does not stick.

Other kitchen accessories that make a kitchen efficient and effective are a flat top grill, a commercial hood and a stove-warming shelf. You can’t beat a flat top grill for easy grilling. They are great when cooking burgers and breakfast items like sausages and bacon. A commercial hood is necessary in order keep the air quality in your restaurant clean. In most cases, you may need to have a commercial hood professionally installed, as it can be quite a process. Most importantly, a stove-warming shelf is efficient and will keep your cooks organized, especially during lunch and dinner rush hours.